Top 4 Reasons To Create Google My Business Local Listing

Top 4 Reasons to create Google My Business local listing
Top 4 Reasons to create Google My Business Local Listing

Have you ever Googled a business and seen their profile for a business pop up? That’s actually a free local business listing called ‘Google My Business’ on Google. In this digital era, all the business owners are taking their businesses online and taking control of how their business is displayed on google search and maps.

Now let’s understand what is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool provided by Google that allows business owners to display their business on Google search and maps. By creating ‘Google My Business’ local listings you can get customers with great business profiles, get more engaged with your customers and give them more ways to reach you.

If you still think Google My Business won’t help your business, then have a look at these benefits of taking your business online with GMB.

Here are the Top 4 benefits of Google My Business:

More online appearance with complete GMB

When a potential customer searches online, they surely look for the concerned product/service but also looks if the product/service is real, trustworthy, and active. If the business listing they found is not active and incomplete, they have doubts about purchasing it. 

Having a complete business listing is important for any business, here are the most important things you need to fill out:

  • Your business logo
  • Your business description
  • Your contact information
  • Your opening hours
  • A link to your website (If you don’t have a website, Create a free website from Google site)
  • A cover photo
  • Photos of the outside and inside of your business
  • Your products/services

Businesses that fill out their profile in details get more noticed by consumers, and it makes your shop more attractive to consumers in the local community as well as tourists and other out-of-town visitors.

Get found in local search results

Customers search locally most when they want to purchase something from local areas.  More than 80% of people search the web to find local information using keywords like “in Guwahati” or “near me”. Your business is more likely to show up in these local searches and give you the opportunity to engage with potential customers.

For example, a Boutique shop in Guwahati which has filled all the information likely shows up in local searches when people search a “Boutique shop.” It may also show up to those who search for the “best boutique shop in Guwahati”  from any other location. The people searching could live in the city, be a visitor, or simply be planning a visit. A boutique shop’s local listing could reach them all. 

When a GMB profile shows up in search, it appears at the top of the page, to the right-hand side of other organic search results as a ‘Knowledge Panel’.

Convince more potential customers to purchase

Getting potential customers from Google My Business isn’t that hard, simply post/update your GMB and that is likely to convince customers to make a purchasing decision with much ease. Here’s how you can achieve that:

Post photos: Research shows that businesses that add photos to their profile receive 42% more requests for directions than those that don’t.

Share post: You can write posts about special offers or any post related to your business. The more you post, the more chances you have for your customers to make purchasing decisions. 

Add Call-To-Action to all your posts, if you have a website, put your link or give a phone number. CTA makes it easier for customers to purchase directly from one place.

Answer/Message queries: Enable Message on Google My Business App and engage with your customer by responding to their queries or reviews. It also indicates to users that your business is active and engaged.

Get Insights of how customers connect

Google My Business also offers free insights of your business and customers behaviour. From the Insights tab within the GMB dashboard, business owners can view details like:

  • How many customers visited their profile.
  • Which buttons customers clicked.
  • Which photos customers viewed.
  • Which geographical locations customers searched from the most.

Google My Business gives an opportunity to all the small businesses to come up online and list their business. But remember, only a complete profile is more likely to deliver results and help your business grow.

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