Top 8 reasons why you should not do digital marketing in 2021

Top 8 reasons why you should not do digital marketing.
Why you should not do digital marketing

You might have heard millions of times that you should do digital marketing for your business.

But of course, we cannot believe everything we hear so easily, you might have your doubts. And I know you’re here to know why you should not do it.

So, let me give you the top 8 reasons why you should never do digital marketing for your business.
1. Provides an equal opportunity for all businesses:

Yes, it provides equal opportunity for every business on earth. Small to big businesses growing together with equal opportunities available on the internet. Small businesses can stand together with big or multinational businesses. So, why do you need to compete and grow your business, right?

2. Cost-effective marketing:

Digital marketing doesn’t need a huge investment as compared to traditional marketing.  Almost all the platforms are free to create a business account. So, why spend less, when you have got huge spendings on traditional marketing, which you can’t even track.

3. Conversions track:

The conversions with digital marketing are higher than any other form of marketing. Through digital marketing, you can track the conversion by understanding the traffic that turns into leads and customers. That is why you should not do digital marketing, otherwise, you will be able to track and grow your business.

4. Target audience:

In digital marketing, you can customize and set up the right audience as per your business. This is one of the best reasons for not choosing digital marketing over traditional marketing. Right target audience is not result oriented, right?

5. Measurable results:

You can measure the results of each digital marketing platform, which is very hard to do with traditional marketing. But you don’t need to measure, because other forms of marketing don’t give such hectic data to understand your audience and evaluate.

6. Generates better revenues:

This point you must skip! Because effective digital marketing techniques will deliver loads of profitable benefits for your business and generate higher revenue. But you don’t have to do that.

7. Brand Reputation:

Every business initiates with the aim of attracting more customers. Delivering what you have promised will help you develop better relationships with your audience, and build a better brand reputation. But I’m sure you’re not looking for any reputation and recognition on the market.

8. Mobile consumer:

There is no doubt to the fact that mobile consumers have increased in recent times in India due to the Jio revolution. Responsive and easy to purchase from websites have become very important, which also influences their purchasing decisions. But if your website is not responsive and mobile-optimized, then no problem you don’t need digital marketing for your business, yes????

By now you must be clear that in reality there is no harm in doing digital marketing, no matter how much we try to dig all the points. We can only see the boon and benefits. It is as healthy for your business as fruits are for you. Trust me, digital marketing will help you to get highly targeted traffic that delivers results, which will eventually increase business growth.

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